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Art with a Happy Heart

La Selva Earrings - Sea Shore ~ by Colourful Blossom

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Delicate & elegant floral earrings hand sculpted with polymer clay. Each earring measures around 2 inches but they are incredibly lightweight. -The earring wires are gold plated -The color of the earrings might be slightly different due to the lighting at the time of taking the picture.

Each item illustrated on the picture(s) portrays general shapes and succulent styles. Each succulent piece is uniquely hand-sculpted and hand-painted. Therefore, no two pieces will look exactly the same, including the configuration and location of each succulent within the bezel.

Made in United States

Colourful Blossom was established on a tiny desk covered with clay and sculpting tools. Nuby, a self-taught artist, began experimenting with the art of sculpting and mixed media and immediately fell in love. With little time and a lot of patience, her early experiments turned into inspired creations of polymer clay. She slowly evolved her brand into a unique, wearable experience with great attention to detail, color, and design. Nuby’s favorite pieces to make are miniature flowers and succulents, which were inspired by both her love of “colorful blossoms” and her complete lack of gardening skills. Therefore, she decided to sculpt, hand paint, and wear them instead - no water or sun needed.