Fun Art Projects For Kids

Fun Art Projects For Kids

If you are a parent who is looking for something new and fun to do with your child, you might be looking for something unique and creative as well as fun and new. If this is the case, look no further. You have just found yourself on a one way train to a list of creative art projects that are easy for kids to put together, and easy for you to clean up when your kids are done.

Before getting into the creative ideas, you want to make sure you have a dedicated workspace for your kids as most of these ideas could potentially lead to a mess, or get large enough to require extra room to move around without making a mess. Now, let's jump into these creative ideas.

Tape art:

When I mentioned that you would need a little extra space in your home for some of these art projects, this is one of the biggest. You could easily put tape art on the wall, table, or paper. But the fun of tape art, when using masking tape or washi tape, is that you can put it on the floor without worrying about it getting ruined. So let your kids have a little fun by decorating the floor. Make a beautiful landscape, hopscotch, or a cat out of the tape.

Clay art:

While most of us don't want our clay or play dough drying out, it actually can help you create a very unique art figure. Whether you want to make monsters, animals, or dogs, clay art is something that is a classic. Everyone will come up with a different item to create, which is why it is so unique. If you want to add more to the experience, throw in some googly eyes, a few tooth picks, and other items you can stick into the clay to create whatever it is you are imagining.

Shadow tracing:

If you want something that will challenge your child's imagination, getting them to trace shadows that they see on a piece of paper will do just that. You can set up a window screen that will give your child shaped shadows to trace, or you can just trust their creativity and let them trace the shadows that already exist and see what they can come up with on their own. This makes for very unique art to put on the fridge, or take to school with them.

Fill in art gallery on paper:

If you have a printer available, print out a picture frame for your child to fill in. Tell them that this is an art gallery and they have to fill it in with perfect art that they would want to show the world. This will not only give them a creative and unique experience, but this will teach them to stay within the lines because you can't color on the picture frame or the art will be ruined.

Alternatively, you can draw the picture frames so you don't have to use a printer. All you need to do is draw a simple square or rectangle and add a few designs so that it looks fancier than just a framed box, and so your child knows what to color on and what to avoid coloring in.

Stick on art:

With a few cut pieces of colored paper and some glue, your child can create anything with stick on art. You can assist in the cutting of the paper, but it is important that you let them do the glue. You can use stick glue if you are worried about that turning into a big mess that you would rather avoid cleaning.

Sticker art:

Another alternative, you can use stickers as the art pieces on a piece of paper rather than colored paper and glue. This is a lot cleaner, and works better for people with kids under the age of 5. If this is something that you would rather do, you should make sure that you get a couple of different sticker sets so that your child has color options available.

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